Our History

A few words about our history: 80 years ago our grandfather Panos Barbopoulos, a refugee from Asia and Emmanuel Fourakis decided to open their first store on Potie Street.

The times were very difficult and the conditions very poor, especially for the refugees who were trying to start over with very limited resources and without any help from anyone.

So they set it up with effort, love but also passion and in the difficult years that followed they developed it, gaining the love but also the trust of the people. 80 years later we feel deeply excited and proud to be here, keeping the tradition and the name still alive.

Since then, many things have changed until today.

All this we owe to the consumers of Chania for their undivided support from generation to generation.

Without them nothing would have happened. Without them we would not exist. Thank you for showing your trust and supporting us over time.

During all the last decades we insisted on the triptych Quality-Price-Service. A triptych that proved that it can stand in the difficult times we are experiencing as a country.

People of Chania were also the one who proved that a local small shop can stand on its own two feet and can survive even in difficult times and in the times of big companies and multinationals.