Our store

Barbopoulos store is located at Tsouderon 1 Street in Chania.

It has brands recognized in Greece and abroad and is constantly upgrading for the growing needs of consumers. Our goal is to offer the best possible quality at the best possible price. We insist on quality for about 80 years, building a relationship of trust with the consumer over time. We rely on Greek brands supporting Greek clothing in practice and giving a “vote of confidence”.

  • Underground floor: (Young Women): Paranoia Ground floor: (Young Men)
  • On the ground floor you will find exclusively the whole new collection of Beneto Maretti. A total look collection that highlights the man at his best.
  • 1st floor: (Women): Batida, Rodonna, Veto
  • 1st floor: (Underwear, swimwear): Triumph, Palco, Minerva, Apple, Pournaras
  • 2nd floor: (Casual, Men’s Jeans & suits): Staff, Levis, Lee, Marcus, Polygianni, GIT, Oxygen, Cors, Denim United
  • 3rd floor: (Children): Mayoral, Minervakia, Joyce Seasonal items as well as woolen and isothermal underwear